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apparently no major damage this time. >> the 7.3 quake was centered off the northeastern coast. cate cauguiran tells us a tsunami warning has been lifted. >> originally authorities issued a warning a tsunami two meters high could hit the coast. thankfully this quake is nothing compared to the one last year. the tsunami was listed two hours after it hit. some roads were closed and rail services were suspended in the area. one city reported a 1 meter tsunami. there was no initial reports of damage. taking a look at the video you can see it caused continuous shaking in some areas. buildings in tokyo were reportedly swaying for several minutes. this rattled nerves in a nation still recovering from the devastating earthquake in march 2011. miagi was one of the areas that
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suffered the worst destruction. that quake triggered fuel melt downs at the nuclear plant. 60 people died and cars, boats and homes were swept away . regarding this quake, tokyo electric power says there are no problems at any o of the nuclear plants. reporting live in the news room cate cauguiran cbs 5. how about our weather, got the weekend you said that earlier. that is just a great word. weekend, don't you think. >> i've been looking forward to this one. last weekend was a rain out, so this weekend we're going to try to get things right and bring you sunshine. we are starting out with chilly temperatures and valley fog. watch out for that. visibility down to a quarter o of a mile in napa valley. overall we are going to see dryer weather moving in. more sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way, but stepping outside, grab your jacket, those temperatures down just a bit, especially inland, 37 degrees in santa row that.
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44 -- santa a rosa. enjoying sunshine, maybe passing clouds. temperatures should be in the 50s and 60s. we will be warming up nicely for the weekend. we'll talk more about that in a moment. check out the roads with gianna franco. happy friday. let's head to 101. we have reports of an earlier accident, south 101 by hospital curve, chp cleared that quickly. everything is out of the lanes on the right shoulder, no delays if you work through there. east bay lots of careen. everything clear on 80, 880. and as far as accidents, you want to look out for roadwork 580 eastbound on north flynn. should happen before 11:00. eastbound highway 4, roadwork reported there as well. no delays as you work your way through antioch. and we have road work on the dumbarton bridge, so expect delays there. the road work on the san mateo bridge has been cleared as well
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as 101. mass transiting a good choice, everything on time; a man is in serious condition after he fell about 30 feet the -- at the oakland coliseum. he was on the third deck and fell or jumped onto the concrete floor on the lower concourse. it appears to have been an accident but police are still investigating. the nfl commissioner is talking about a possible new stadium for the raiders. roger goodell was at last night's game and he says the league is willing to provide as much as $200 million to help build the stadium to keep the team in oakland. goodell says the league's investment would first require a deal between the raiders and oakland officials. we'll see what happens there. commissioner says the raiders and 49ers could possibly work out a deal to share a stadium. the new 49ers stadium in santa clara is topped out. workers have lifted two beams to the highest point of the structure. they were signed by the team,
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city leaders and hundreds of construction workers. they're moving right along with that. >> look at the two guys on the other side of the beam, they're up there a hundred feet. a phone call and a persistent brother are credited for the rescue of a woman stranded in the snow in the sierra for six days, a friend of paula lane's family called to say he had a vision that she was still alive and somewhere near a lake. lane's brother had been searching for her since her disappearance with her boyfriend last week and refused to stop his search in alpine county. >> he had this feeling. i don't know how to tell you. we all thought, you know, we can't stop him. we just knew let him do what he feels he had to do and god help him, he did the right thing. >> he sure did. paula lane is recovering in a nevada hospital. her boyfriend was found dead in the snow close to where she was rescued. police in antioch say three men shot and killed an innocent
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man believing he took their clothes. all three are in their 20s and are now charged with murder. the incident last month began when the suspects discovered that their clothes were missing from a laundry room. they went to a unit where they believed the thief was staying and opened fired. police say the victim was not involved in the theft. other bay area headlines, pleas are expected today from the man and woman charged with killing susie coe's. they were arrested near seattle. they're accused of killing coe during a crime spree in october after breaking out of jail. investigators are looking into a fire that forced two san jose restaurants to evacuate. it was reported just after 9 last night at san felipe road, and no flames were visible but there was a lot of smoke at this restaurant. pasta pomoadora a they traced the source to a crawl space
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near an outdoor electrical sign. a christian youth group in oakland, thieves broke into their van and stole luggage, ids and $12,000. it happened while the group was eating lunch at a restaurant. they were just starting their 5 day trip. san francisco crabbers are even crabbier after an oregon fishing boat crossed their picket line. the locals are on strike. fish brokers want to lower the price of crab from 3 bucks a pound to as low as 1.80 but the crab boat association says no deal. things got a little heated when a boat came in from oregon with a catch. >> i'm just trying to move a little product to try to keep the wheels turning and keep everything going. >> the strike on this boat. >> nobody's making money tight up. >> negotiations are still going on. for now local fish markets and grocery stores are running out of crab. 5:07, supreme court watchers are awaiting a
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decision concerning gay marriage, and anne makovec in san francisco with what could come from the high court later today. ann, good morning. >> good morning, if the supreme court decides not to take on the prop 8 issue, same sex marriages could resume here at city hall as soon as the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals it. they made the ruling that prop 8 was unconstitution unconstitutional. they will decide whether or not they will review the constitutionality. that is the ban approved in 2008. if the court decides to take on the issue, there would be an argument scheduled sometime in march or april and the case would likely be decided by the end of june. now if the supreme court decides not to review this today, which they could say that they're going to not
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review it today, well, then same sex marriages could resume experts say within a couple weeks. live in san francisco, anne makovec cbs 5. public health officials are warning san francisco residents of a meningitis outbreak in new york. the big apple is seeing a string of gay men suffering from the potentially deadly bacteria since there's so much travel between our two cities, officials want gay men here to be aware and consider getting vaccinated. if gay men are planning to travel to new york over the holidays for the next several weeks and think that they may have partners from new york city, they should be aware of this and talk to their providers about potentially getting the vaccine themselves before they travel. >> routine vaccination is recommended for middle and high school students and college students living in dorms. arizona isn't the only state to protest the controversial share fair. california is doing it too. drag queens calling themselves the sisters of perpetual
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indulgency invaded a dinner party for joe arpaio. he spoke at a middle school after he received 50 letters from 8th graders questioning him about the immigration rules, but the school canceled the meeting. >> they accused me of running concentration camps, they called me a racist, so i wanted to meet with the kids and tell them the truth. the school district's media rep said she was too busy to explain on camera but denied there was ever a meeting between the two. 5:10 now, chemical weapon concerns is the united states ready to use military force in syria. plus christmas miracle, a van smashes into a busy georgia jewelry store. how no one was serious lip hurt. and the cute cubs now in the spotlight at the san diego zoo. what is cool about your school, you can submit your
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nomination on our web site school and we may come out and feature your school on our show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, everyone survived. this happened in the atlanta
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. a mini van slams into a jewelry store and everyone survived but not the wall there. this happened in the atlanta area. the store owner looked up and saw the hood of a car coming through the window and said let's get out of here. a customer suffered a head injury. canister became stuck against the gas pedal. that excuse, how. >> looks how close it comes to her. >> that happens all the time and usually people are okay. >> no kidding. we've seen the video time and time again. i don't know what's going on with drivers out there. >> it is scary out there sometimes. not too bad on the roadway so far. so far so good on the bay bridge toll plaza. it's very quiet, friday lights, we love to see that here. not a lot of delays across the upper deck in san francisco, there is roadwork blocking one lane but not causing back up
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theres. guadalupe parkway all in the green, nice speeds this morning as you work through there. milpitas clear, 880 to 101 an easy 6 minutes so far r traffic is clear in that area. north flynn near greenville, a few lanes blocked. they uh-huh usually wrap it up by -- they usually wrap it up at least by 11. and clear once you hit the 680 dublin interchange. typical delays on the westbound side, clear once you hit the freeway. 101, we have some road work near 92 that's wrapping up. dumbarton bridge, road work on the menlo park side. a few lanes are blocked in that area. that should be cleared by 6:00. if you're headed along the peninsula near sfo, traffic is very light this morning. if you're headed toward bay shore, traffic is clear as you
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head toward candle stick. and south 101, no delays to report. an easy ride through there this morning, and of course transit it is right on time. always a good choice. that's a look at traffic. we have a few more patches of fog showing up around the bay area. if you are headed out the door, a nice live shot at the embarcadero. clear skies over the bay and the waters right now. i think as we head to the weekend, looking good, in fact a lot of sunshine coming our way. chilly start to the day and patchy fog showing up in the santa rosa area and the napa valley. 37 degrees in santa hoe saw. 47 in san francisco, and 37 in livermore. we'll notice lots of sunshine by the afternoon and the temperatures cool toward the
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coastline. mild elsewhere. offshore winds kicking in. should be beautiful especially toward sunday. that ridge will continue to build over the bay area the next couple l of days sending the rain line to the north. nice and dry through the weekend. the biggest worry some of fog in the morning hours in the central valley. watch out if you're headed through there. and up the in the high country, lots of snow. looking good and nice and dry. around the bay area, the worst is patch in the valley, and maybe a few high clouds in the afternoon. otherwise it is looking like a great day ahead. temperatures cool out toward the coastline. mainly in the 50s there. 60s in san jose. 50s and 60s into the east bay. and inside the bay we'll keep you as high as 62 degrees in oakland. 62 in san francisco. and 61 in santa rosa. how about mid 60s by sunday. maybe warmer by monday and a slight chance of showers toward the middle of next week. that's the weather guys, back
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to you. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton just announced the u.s. and russia have agreed to support mediation efforts with all parties in syria to bring about a political transition in that country but she said syrian president bashar assad must leave power to ensure a democratic future for the country. clinton has been meeting with russia's foreign minister. they had been disagreeing on how to address the conflict in syria, but there's a new sense of urgency as president's assad's regime appears desperate. >> we remain very concerned very concerned that as the opposition advances in particular on damascus that the regime might very well consider the use of chemical weapons. >> in washington, arizona senator john mccain said the u.s. should consider all options to prevent chemical attacks in syria including
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military intervention. >> as for the crisis in cairo, president obama has made a phone call to egyptian president mohammed morsi. he expressed concerns about the deaths and injuries of protesters outside morsi's palace. demonstrators are upset about the new unrestricted powers morsi gave himself. looks like authorities in belize will have to wait to question john mcafee. he's back in a georgia georgia tamilian jail. he asked for asylum there. he's wanted for questioning about murder in belize. to reach an agreement on a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. financial experts were on capitol hill yesterday to talk about the negative impacts if
5:19 am
the automatic tax increases and spending cuts happen on january 1st. president obama visited a northern virginia family who would suffer finally if a -- financially if a deal isn't reached. the president's approval rating is at its highest point since the raid that killdee killed osama bin laden. 42% believe the nation is heading in the right direction. the san diego zoo two new additions. they're 14 week old clouded leopard cubs and their adorable. they are brothers and playful. they like to pounce on each other and climb and use each other as trampolines. they arrived earlier from the nashville view where there's a successful breeding program saying hello for the
5:20 am
endangering expertise. they are adorable but grow into big guys. >> you want to take them home until they get really big. >> and send them back to the zoo. >> it's 5:20 hoping to stop the slide. did the raiders beat the broncos in oakland last night. >> i think we all know. he's back at it, the dunk by lebron james that has earned our play of the day. >> did the raiders play in oakland yesterday, that's a better question. here's your snow report. if you're headed to the high country, watch out for some of that fog in the central valley. the sugar bowl looking good. mostly sunny skies this weekend. north star, plenty of snow on the ground should be mostly sunny. and how about heavenly, looking good, 36 to 50 inches, mostly sunny skies. more on your weather whether we come back. -- weather when we come back. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, if you are headed out the door, you're in luck. traffic very quiet this morning. you are clear on all of our bay area bridges. we'll have more details on morning commute coming up in just a few minutes. nhl labor talks have broken down again. the league rejected the proposal on an 8 year agreement saying that it was unacceptable and there was no need to
5:24 am
continue talks today. the nhl and players have been without an agreement since september 16th. thursday was the 82nd day of the lock out. >> and do we miss it. >> yeah. >> maybe a little. we need to get to work though. we have a little football to talk about, thursday night football at the coliseum in oakland. denver was in town. the broncos bronco scored on the first try. raiders were down 13-0 when carson palmer found derek mcfadden. he went in for the touchdown but the raider fumble in the third quarter led to another denver touchdown. broncos win 26-13. >> it was, frank, thank you. >> and our play of the day is so nifty it took three nba players to make it happen. ray allen with the steal and the pass to dewayne wade who lobs it over to lebron james.
5:25 am
how sweet is that. nice little alley-oop. they lost at open to the new york knicks, 112-92. >> that was a good play of the day. >> that was a great play of the day. it is 5:25 right now, a multimillion dollar pledge to keep the raiders in oakland. when that call came from my brother it was a miracle. it was. she survived a week long nightmare in the sierra snow. how a family friend's gut feeling helped bring her home. in the same sex marriage debate, it is all eyes on the supreme court. we'll tell you how soon same sex marriages could resume in california. ,,
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you could see the plant shaking. >> a strong earthquake rocks japan. >> we remain very concerned, very concerned. >> the u.s. considers military force to stop the violence in syria. >> reports he is considering using chemical weapons have some on capitol hill calling for the president to get tough with the the dictator. >> a dismal unemployment report,. >> most economists predict 80,000 jobs were added in september. >> local fishermen furious after a crab scab crossing their picket line. >> it's going to have to be. we weren't going to come back without her. >> a miracle in the mountains, the family of a woman stranded for six nights in the sierra shares her incredible story of survival. >> my sister may be little but she's mighty. she loves life. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning.
5:30 am
and i'm frank mallicoat. good morning everyone, it's friday december 7th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30 now. a 7.3 earthquake struck today near japan. >> it was centered off the northeastern coast. several people have been injured. cate cauguiran is in the news room to tell us the tsunami warning apparently has been lifted. >> it was lifted two hours after the quake hit. other hit. originally authorities issued a warning that a tsunami of two meters could hit the coast. there are no reports of immediate damage although traffic was stopped in some places to check on the roads. one city in the area reported a small tsunami, but the pacific tsunami warning center says there is no widespread risk. it did cause continuous shaking in some areas. buildings in tokyo were reportedly swaying for at least several minutes. now, this is the same region that was hit by a massive
5:31 am
earthquake in march of last year. that quake triggered fuel rod melt downs at the nuclear plant killing at least 60 people as it swept away cars, boats and homes. thankfully this quake is nothing compared to last year. tokyo electric power says there are no problems at any of the nuclear plants. cate cauguiran cbs 5 reporting live in the news room. good news for the weend, a lot of sunshine. let's kick it over tolans lawns lawrence karnow on a friday. >> getting thick fog some of the valleys. visibility down to a quarter of a mile. otherwise we are going to see that lift and boy by the afternoon, what a day it's going to be. i think a lot of sunshine coming our way and some comfortable weather outside but nothing compared to what we're going to see this weekend. it should be a beautiful weekend indeed. mostly clear out over the bay.
5:32 am
grab your jacket if you're headed out the door. 37 and chill will in santa rosa and 51 degrees in san jose. temperatures in the 60s in the south bay. into the east bay, 50s and a few low 60s and in the central bay, temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s as well. even warmer though as we head toward the weekend. just how much, we'll talk about that coming up in a moment. let's check out the roadways with gianna franco. we're going to start with a live look at conditions. traffic is holding steady, it's friday light. most of the volume is on the west side. had early morning roadwork connecting over to 101 but that should be wrapped up at least by now. things are free falling on 101 as well. traffic very quiet also. an easy ride through 101 and san rafael. no troubles on the golden gate bridge as you head into the are san francisco. north 101 also cleared this morning and mass transit is on
5:33 am
time, b.a.r.t., ace, muni, now name it. a man was seriously hurt in a fall at the oakland coliseum at the raiders broncos game last night. officials say he either fell or jumped about 30 feet from the third deck to the concrete floor on the lower concourse. it happened shortly after the game began and police say it was likely accidental. the man is reported in serious condition this morning. nfl commissioner roger goodell says he's willing to help build a new stadium to keep the team in oakland. good l else says the league -- goodell says the leaguing could put as much as $2 million in the effort but that money would have a catch. the league's investment would first require a deal between the raiders and oakland officials. 5:34, just in from washington, the november jobs report and it's good news. it shows the nation's unemployment rate fell to 7.7%. that is the lowest level in some four years.
5:34 am
economists expected it to remain at 7.9%. there were 146,000 new jobs last month. that's more than expected because economists had worried that superstorm sandy had cut into job creation. apparently not the case. money watch reporter ashley morrison is going to join us in a couple of minutes and we will chat more about that. gay couples in california are awaiting a supreme court decision that could come today. anne makovec joins us live here in san francisco with what could happen on the prop 8 case later today. ann good morning. >> the legality of california's prop 8, the ban on same sex marriage has gone to either side several times since it was passed back in 2008 and today. everybody is wondering what the supreme court is going to do. the u.s. supreme court scheduled to discuss whether or not it will review the constitutionality of prop 8. that is california's ban on same sex marriage approved by
5:35 am
voters. pro prop 8 side is appealing a decision by the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals which found the ban unconstitutional. it's one of several cases across the country concerning the federal defensive marriage act. >> the court has been waiting to gather the cases together and they're going o to make a decision, roux in some of them of all of them or none of them. they could do anything. >> reporter: if the premium court decides not -- supreme court decides not to review, the same sex could resume, but they have no deadline for acting. this is their final conference of the year. live in san francisco, anne makovec cbs 5. a friend of a missing woman's family called about a vision he had that she was alive and near a lake. paula lane's brother a went into the high sierra and found her crawling in the snow in alpine county. she and her boyfriend had become stuck in the snow after
5:36 am
driving around a closed gate. paula lane's sister took the call. >> i took the call and to hear him say i found her, i found her. i can't explain it for you guys. >> she was very lucky that it wasn't more severe. >> lane has minor frostbite and is expected to leave the hospital next week. her rod clifton did not make it. lane crawled past his body in the snow. a church youth group from oakland is missing luggage ids and money. 12,000 bucks. thieves broke into the van while they ate lurching at a 4th quarter -- ate lunch at a fort lauderdale restaurant. they had worked hard to raise the money to come to florida and everyone in the group is devastated. tough news. and some other bay area headlines, a fire forced the
5:37 am
evacuation of two restaurants at the pasta p o omodoro. they traced the source to a crawl space near the outdoor electrical sign at the restaurant. it will be at least april before joseph meso goes on trial for murders murders marin county. the 78-year-old is representing himself. the judge has granted him four more months to prepare his own p case. he is accused of killing 4 women between 1977 and 1994. and city college in san francisco is facing a financial hit because of the enrollment numbers. the college must enroll 34,000 full-time students to maintain its funding level from the state but the school expects to fall a few thousand short for the second year in a row. it was on probation because of a shortage of students during the previous school year. arizona's tough on
5:38 am
immigration sheriff is defending his controversial stance in one of america's most immigrant friendly cities. drag queens calling themselves the sisters of perpetual indulgence invaded a dinner party for joe arpaio. hi tried to speak at a san francisco middle school l yesterday and after he received 50 letters in spanish from 8th 8th graders questioning him about his immigration views, but the school canceled the meeting. >> they accused me of running concentration camps. they called me a racist. i can go on and on. so i just wanted to meet with the kids and tell them the truth. >> the school district's representative said she was too busy to explain on camera but denied there was ever a meeting to take place. 5:39, one of the tea parties movement favorite lawmakers is leaving the senate. south carolina republican jim
5:39 am
demint announced he's cutting it short. he's joining the heritage foundation and has already said he would not run for a term in 2016. new fares about chemical weapons in syria, how the u.s. is stepping up efforts to end the civil war. >> an amazing video of some neighbors that are under water down in argentina, the dual disasters that are plaguing that country's capitol. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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buenos aires neighborhoods e two disasters plaguing the capitol of argentina right now. neighborhoods are under water amid the worst flooding in that city in 50 years. the storms swept cars down street, knocked out power in parts of the city under evacuation orders due to a toxic cloud due to a fire at the port, an intense sulfur like order forced people to wear face masks around the city as well. and the death toll from a typhoon in the philippines exceeded 400 people. most of them lived in the steep valley in the south of the country. flooding and wind were so severe in places people thought were safe turned up not to be safe. that includes two emergency shelters that were just swept away. it hit tuesday with winds over 170 miles per hour. it's now weakening in the south china sea. u.s. secretary of state
5:43 am
hillary clinton just announced the u.s. and russia have reached an agreement in hopes of ending the civil war in syria. clinton has been meeting with the foreign minister and united nations mediator. the deal calls for mediation effort for all parties in syria to bring about a political transition there. syrian president bashar assad must leave power to ensure a democratic future for the country. u.s. stock futures dropped in light traded overnight as investors awaited the november jobs report. it's just out showing the unemployment rate fell to a four year low. good news to talk about it and here to join us is ashley morrison on cbs money on a friday. >> and happy friday o to everyone and you frank and michelle with better than expected news out on the jobs front this morning. the labor department says employers added 146,000 jobs in november and that the unemployment rate dropped to 7.7%. that is the lowest level we've
5:44 am
seen since december of 2008. economists were predicting just 80,000 jobs would have added because of superstorm sandy and that the unemployment rate would remain stuck at 7.9%. stock futures are rallying after that report. asian markets were mostly lower ahead of today's unemployment rate. hong kong also shed a fraction. tech stocks gave wall street stocks a modest lift yesterday. they finished 39 points higher while the nasdaq was up 15 points. the. the securities and exchange commission is investigating nexflix and the company's ceo. reid hastings is dismissing the claim that the facebook post may have boosted the stock price. at the time hastings mentioned how much nexflix viewing had increased. you have to be really careful what you post on facebook.
5:45 am
>> my coe anchor is happy because she's a huge heavy meal fan and now metallica is streaming its video. >> i didn't know i was a fan. >> you're getting ready to rock out because fans of metallica can stream the band's music on spotify. in fact in 2000, metallica filed a lawsuit against napster accusing them of copy right infringement. they can now listen to metallica's music and share it free. if you can't beat them, join them. >> you should see michelle's ipod, dock in and def leopard. >> thanks so much. are a great weekend. themetal head would be our weather guy. >> i thought you were more of a
5:46 am
rapper. >> me? >> and why would you think that. >> because you're always doing this stuff all the time. >> that's true. i like it little bit. looks like a nicer day ahead as we are going to see sunshine coming our way. patchy dense fog in the valleys. a nice shot from san francisco. we are looking at a beautiful calm start to the day. things are going to stay that way throughout the day. a little bit chilly, though. grab your jacket if you are headed out the door. the temperatures down in the valley running to 37 degrees in santa rosa. 51 in san jose. and 41 are degrees in livermore. we'll find mostly sunny skies by the afternoon and some mild temperatures, but boy over the weekend looking good. high pressure and some offshore winds going to create these temperatures up nicely into the afternoon hours. sunny and mild and toward the weekend as this ridge builds in, probably going to see offshore winds into sunday and monday. if you're traveling, expecting somebody in, no delays expected
5:47 am
this morning. temperatures there 61 degrees. around the country, a couple trouble spots, chicago we have a chance of showers there. we're expecting rain in new york and a chilly 46 degrees. 79, mostly cloudy in houston and 53 mostly cloudy in denver. around the bay area, i think the worst we'll see is a couple of patches of dense fog this morning and by the afternoon a few passing high clouds. otherwise we are going to look at a lot of sunshine in between and the temperatures not too bad, 60s in san jose. 61 in milpitas and east bay running in the 50s and low 60s and in the central bay, temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s too and the weekend looking better. temperatures mid-60s by sunday. maybe even a little bit warmer into monday. then slight chance of showers by the middle of next week. gianna franco you're big on the metal stuff. >> i'm a metallica stuff. i'm excited to see that they are part of the new millennium and social media. jumping over to the freeways, good stuff as well.
5:48 am
slight delays as you work your way westbound 580. on the flip side eastbound we have reports of construction still so we're seeing a bit of a back up as you work your through that area. not too far from there, we have reports of a hit-and-run accident not blocking any lanes but looking on the live camera you can see traffic is fogged in. we have some fogged in conditions as lawrence was saying just a few minutes ago, so limited visibility as you head through there. 680 looks like it's cruising along okay this morning. westbound highway 4 through antioch, stop and go conditions. gets a bit better into pittsburgh. eastbound highway 4, we have road work wrapping up. ask delays around 101 working your way through san jose northbound, through mckee, southbound moving okay. westbound 237 not a bad ride. so far so good through milpitas. no delays in that area. if you are headed along the peninsula, you have a flight to catch, 101 so o far so good. 280 not showing any delays and
5:49 am
92 also clear. san mateo looking good as well. no delays into san francisco, north 101 clear toward marin county. we're seeing a back up at the bay bridge. i'll have details in my next traffic report. back to you guys. 5:49. today is pearl harbor day, december 7th. it was 71 years ago today that japan attacked the u.s. military base in hawaii pulling our country into world war ii. more than 2400 americans were killed on this day back in 1941. the traditional moment of silence is planned this morning. 7:55 hawaii time marking the moment the bombing gain there. national guard aircraft will fly overhead in the missing man formation as well. survivors of the attack will gather atop mountain diablo for the annual lighting of the by the way -- of the by the way con there. 84,000 people survived the
5:50 am
attack there's only 3000 left and they're all well into their 90s now. can't forget. >> a piece of history there. time is 5:50, not feeling the bieber fever, the pop stars manager lashes out over a grammy snub. >> that got lawrence taken. not sure why: and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. the first family gets festive at the national tree lighting ceremony. we'll share it with you when you come back. ,,
5:51 am
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uh, i think i know. "we all know," "pretty obvious." you couldn't tell me when i handed out the wiener-dog lasers!?! [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 ml350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. high pressure sliding into the states, still patchy dense
5:53 am
fog. what about the weekend weather, we'll talk about that coming up; a bit of a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights just yet. and reports of an accident on 680. >> thank you. in this morning's health watch, encouraging news on diet and breast cancer. a new study finds that micro nutrients found fruits and vegetables have cancer fighting properties. women who eat lots of fresh produce reduce their risk. there's evidence that they keep tumors from growing. and researchers at uc berkeley have pinpointed a gene that helps turn carbohydrates into fat. cashes did not -- carb is did not turn into fat. it may lead to new treatments for obesity and diabetes. justin bieber must be thinking that the recording academy just doesn't like him. the 18-year-old pop star was not nominated for his album believe or any singles.
5:54 am
his manager scooter went off about it on twitter, say grammy board blew it and that bieber deserved to be recognized. >> sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. >> he's doing okay, though. they are in the holiday spirit in washington with the national christmas tree lighting on the white house lawn. >> the first family was on hand to welcome santa claus into town ♪ for goodness sakes ♪ >> i like him better doing al green. the christmas tree is a 28-foot spruce and from what state is that from colorado. >> decorated with bright green lights and stars. it was transplanted a couple months ago after the old tree died. and disney princesses star in this holiday lights display. this is at walnut creek. you can find this home on pleasant valley drive thanks to
5:55 am
alex durof with lights of the for sharing this with us. we're going to postthem on our facebook page and tweet them to us at cbssf and some may end up on the air like alex's right there. it's always impressive that they take so much time and effort. >> that must take a week to put up and another week to down. 5:55 now, next half hours, teachers suddenly forced to become nurses, how they pulled off a delivery in a school l parking lot. and a 7.3 earthquake hit japan. how it's rattling nerves. prop 8 and the defense of mainly act, how a decision by the supreme court -- defense of marriage act, how a decision by the supreme court could affect same sex couples, coming up.
5:56 am
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. a 7.3 quake causing buildings to sway in japan rattling nerves in the same area that was hit by the huge tsunami tsunami. >> same sex couples having another nail biting day as the supreme court decides whether or not to take up prop 8. accidents fogs that is the worst of it this morning but we have great weather coming your way. and things are getting busy at the bridge toll plaza. we have reports of an accident along 680. good morning everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6. in japan this morning, a tsunami warning has been lifted after a strong earthquake there. >> it was strong. 7.3 quake was centered off the northeast coast of japan and there are reports of injuries on land there. cate cauguiran tells us there are no reports of serious ge

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